Admission Procedure


  • Students should apply in the prescribed from available in the school office. Following documents must be submitted along with the admission from for eligibility,

1)Birth Certificate or T.C. from last school attended
2)Two passport size colour photographs,
3) Admission will be made strictly on the basis of merit.


  • For Boys ( Pravesh to XII) White stripy lights full sleeve shirts steel gray half/full pant. Black socks, black shoes, school belt.
  • For Girls ( Pravesh to V) White stripy- light pink half shirt, steel gray box plated skirt, black socks and black shoes, school belt and black hair band

For Girls ( VI-XII) White salwar, white stripy light pink kurta with collar , white dupatta, black shocks black shoes school belt and black hair band

  • ( Pravesh to Both boys & Girls) Same uniform with  ‘v’ Necked maroon sweater.
    VI-XII Both boys & Girls